Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Works: Matt Logelin & The Liz Logelin Foundation

I just returned from Cincinnati, where I was a guest of Proctor & Gamble, the makers of Pampers, at an event for parenting bloggers: 12 moms, including me, and 1 dad. (Hmm, that sounds a bit polygamist.) I actually did learn some interesting and useful information about diapers, and I'll share those diaper details soon. But right now, and in an upcoming post, I want to spread the word about a few inspiring "good works" initiatives I was introduced to during the gathering.

The sole dad blogger at the event was Matt Logelin.
You might have seen him on Oprah (April 13, 2009) or in People (January 26, 2009). Matt's wife, Liz, died due to pregnancy complications a day after giving birth to their first child, Madeline, in March 2008. He started blogging to help stay sane—and keep his family and friends informed about how he and his daughter were managing. Matt's writing resonated with readers, especially widows and widowers caring for young children.

Today, Matt is using his unwanted fame to establish The Liz Logelin Foundation, which will provide financial assistance to parents raising children alone due to a spouse or partner's death. Matt speaks so lovingly about his wife (he actually wears her ring on his little finger), and he is humble and appreciative about all the attention and support he's received. To learn more about Matt and his foundation, please visit

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Jennifer said...

This is so sad. Women here don't expect to die from pregnancy or childbirth, but it does happen. Matt sounds like a very good guy. I love that he wears Liz's ring.


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