Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kathie Lee & Me, Lice, Mom Hair, Getting Organized

Some news and notes, which I'll try to present in a way each item relates to one another and you!

1) On Saturday, April 18, I'll be one of the featured presenters at the Annapolis Book Festival, albeit not as featured as presenters Kathie Lee Gifford, Jim Lehrer (of PBS's NewsHour) or Newsweek's Michael Isikoff and Evan Thomas. I'm excited about, and intimidated by, the event. Please attend if you can.

2) The book festival is presented by The Key School, for which my friend M.J. Eckert was the school nurse. M.J. is now the co-founder of a very useful business called Lice Happens. (Company motto: Lice Happens: No shame, no blame.) In other words, M.J. is now a professional nit-picker! She and her crew make house calls and will pick, one by one, the nits out of a person's hair. For folks beyond the Lice Happens business radius, M.J. can provide non-toxic kits for ridding a head and household of the bugs. As M.J. explains, lice are equal opportunity pests. Contrary to popular belief, they don't have a socioeconomic preference, and they aren't a sign of poor hygiene. In fact, lice prefer clean hair over dirty hair.

P.S. Have you ever worried about the cleanliness of, say, a movie theater's upholstered seat back, and wondered if you should put something over it before resting your head against the chair? Your worries have merit. Lice can survive on a surface for about 24 hours before they need to reconnect to a human (or animal) host. So, yes, in theory, someone's lice could jump onto a movie seat, hang out there between flicks and then resettle in your hair. One possible form of protection: Cover the seat back with a paper towel or cloth.

3) Speaking of hair, if you're a loving but sometimes overwhelmed stay-at-home mother, I highly recommend you visit the blog Total Mom Haircut, which is written by Beth (I don't even know her last name), a teacher turned stay-at-home mom of two. I met Beth through my book (she's been a big fan and champion of it). Her blog's title is inspired by the short, no-fuss haircut many moms get when they realize they no longer have time to shower, much less do anything with their hair. Beth l
ooks very cute in her mom haircut. I look hideous with short hair, so I didn't have the mom cut option. I'm dealing with other mom hair issues right now (related to color), but I'll save that discussion, and those pictures, for another time.

4) Lastly, one of my first posts on my new blog was about getting organized. A great, non-overwhelming source for articles, products and information about being organized is the website Style & Store. The site is run by my friend Christine Vick and her sister. Christine and I worked together at Organize magazine, which was a very good magazine that couldn't survive the economic and
mag-industry downturns.

That's all. But gosh, this post is boring without a picture of some sort. I think
Edward Cullen would help liven it up. There is a connection: Edward is a character from a book, he has great hair (lice like hair), moms like Beth and Christine love him!

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