Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Knitting more than baby booties

Jane Pauley, formerly of NBC's Today show, was on NBC's Today show yesterday to talk about "Your Life Calling," a series of reports she's doing in partnership with AARP, the nation's largest membership organization for people age 50 and over. Pauley is exploring how people are "reinventing" themselves later in life—sometimes by choice, sometimes by necessity—in order to change the way they live or work or both.

In her first segment, Pauley features a woman who left a lucrative career as a health care executive because she wanted to pursue her love of knitting.
Through a wonderful opportunity, I've been able to assist with the "Your Life Calling" project. I interviewed the knitter—Betsy Lee McCarthy—and wrote the articles that accompany the video report. (To read those pieces and watch the Jane Pauley segment, go to To learn more about knitting and McCarthy, who is now a well-known knitting teacher and author, visit

Even though I'm not yet age-50+, I can relate to the project and the concept of personal reinvention; I suspect that many woman who are mothers can relate as well. Motherhood often requires a woman to reinvent the way she lives and works. We often need to "knit" together a work-family lifestyle that may involve leaving the workforce, scaling back a bit from it or staying in with the help of a partner or child care provider. Looking at my own situation I've gone from being an incredibly career-oriented person to becoming a stay-at-home mother turned work-from-home mom and now—
knock on wood—a full-time "employed mom." (I say employed because all mothers are "working mothers.") Each scenario required both knitting and reinvention.

The ability to
"reinvent" is a good skill to have. Do you feel you've reinvented who you are—by choice or necessity or both—due to becoming a mom?


Grace said...

I'm out of the workforce now to be an at home mom and probably won't be back into it until I'm over 50. I'll have a lot of reinventing to do. I actually think about it a lot.

whitney said...

What a completely cool project -- and wonderful that you are involved!


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