Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lice Happens, and you can hire a nitpicker when it does

A few weeks ago my friend M.J. Eckert emailed our book group to announce that she would be quitting her job at a private school (walking away from discounted tuition for her child) to become a full-time nit-picker. Yup, nit-picker, as in lice!

"I love ridding the world of head lice," wrote M.J., a registered nurse who has spent years as both a school and summer camp nurse. "It involves all the things I love about being a nurse: technical stuff (yes, there is an art to nit-picking), helping people through a stressful time, educating, hand-holding. I know this is the right move."

M.J.'s crusade against hair critters started a couple of years ago, when she and her neighbor, Nancy Fields, started a side business they named Lice Happens. (Their motto: Lice Happens: No Shame. No Blame.) Due to their passion, lively personalities and professionalism, M.J. and Nancy's business caught the attention of The Washington Post. As a result of that article (and perhaps the great picture that ran with it—take a look) and other media coverage, the women began spending most of their nights and weekends driving around the D.C. metro area on lice calls.

If lice ever make their way into your life, it's worth visiting the website for Lice Happens. Even if you don't live in the company's service area, M.J. and Nancy—and their expanding
team of nit-pickers—are happy to share their wisdom and know-how. Although they do sell pesticide-free products you can order for home delivery, the women stress that the key to delousing is a "meticulous combing" in which every strand is checked and, if necessary, picked of nits. M.J. (who is pictured above, wearing her super cool nit-nabbing specs) did send me four microscopically enlarged images of lice to use for this post. I selected the only one I could stand to look at.

May lice never grace your head, or the head or heads of your young, but if they do, don't despair. Lice Happens, and help is available.


Stephanie said...

I had no idea there could be such a profession. M.J. and Nancy are brave! Hope we never need them, though!!

Shawn said...

As a friend of M.J.'s, it's great to see her business (and Nancy's) doing so well. I can't think of anyone better to provide such a needed service. It gives me peace of mind to know that, should the need arise, there's a business that will provide this service and by a trusted friend no less!


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