Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Girls' Night Out with Edward and Jacob

Six fortysomething friends and I went to see Eclipse, the third Twilight movie, last night. Since work and kids had prevented us from making it to the film's midnight premiere earlier in the week, we made a full night of the gathering by going to dinner before the movie and out for drinks afterward.

When I made the dinner reservation the hostess asked if we were
celebrating a special occasion. "Well, yes," I said. "After dinner we're going to see Eclipse."

The hostess's reply: "Oh, that is a special occasion!"

And she meant it. She wrote our "occasion" into the reservation
book and assigned as our waitress a fellow thirty- or fortysomething woman who is the leader of two Twilight-related chat groups on CafeMom. com. Here are the links to those groups:

Sophisticated Twilight Ladies: Are you tired of your kids or other people saying, "Aren't you a little old for Twilight?" Well, let's show them how many there are of us who are 30 years old and over. For crying out loud, Edward is over a hundred years old it's okay if we drool over him....

Twilight Temptresses: Find yourself wondering why your significant other doesn't sparkle? See a motorcycle and think of Jacob Black? .....

If you're Twilight-obsessed, which I make no secret about being, you might enjoy reading an article I wrote for (Yes, AARP, the organization for age-50+ people. Hey, 50 isn't that old anymore. Not that I'm 50, yet, but I'm closer to 50 now than, well, 39 ... By the way, if you are 50 and aren't yet a member of AARP, you really should join. It costs just $16 a year and provides great discounts on lots of products and services.)

Confessions of a Grown 'Twihard'

If you're not a Twilight fan, but you have an obsessed friend or relative and want to
understand what the fuss is about without having to actually read the books or watch the films, you might enjoy the aforementioned essay's companion article:

How to Talk to a Twilight Fan

As for Eclipse, my friends and I enjoyed the movie. How could we not? Some of us plan to see it again this week. But we're so upset (in fact, distraught) about having to wait until November 2011 (!!!) to see the movie adaptation of the final book, Breaking Dawn, which will be filmed and screened in two parts. Perhaps the break will enable us (me?) to develop other interests and stop obsessing!

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BB said...

Team Edward! Team Edward! I've seen the movie once but am going again this weekend. I'm obsessed too!


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