Thursday, April 29, 2010

If you could hire one household helper ...

When my son was younger, he used to say that if he was rich, he'd buy me a butler. Why a butler and not a maid? I'm not sure, and he doesn't remember the reasoning behind his imagined gift. But I've often wondered, if I could have a household "servant," what kind of helper would I want?

A housekeeper? A gardener? A chauffeur? A personal secretary? A personal trainer? A handyman? A nanny?

Rich or not, many moms would by necessity select a nanny or some other reliable child care provider, for either full-time or occasional use. So in this fantasy game I'm not considering child care assistance to be a luxury, and I'm removing it from the choices.

After much consideration, I've decided that my fantasy household hire would be a chef. This talented chef (or cook, I don't care which) would shop for and prepare meals, snacks and beverages for my family of five people, each of whom wants individual attention paid to his or her particular dining needs. I love to eat, and I want to eat healthily, but the demands of feeding and cleaning up after a family have sapped my enthusiasm for cooking.

A household chef. That's my pick. What's yours?


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