Sunday, July 1, 2012

This Website is Semi-Retired (Even Though I'm Not)

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Original pub date: February 1, 2010

Hello! Thank you for visiting "Real Life Support for Moms," a sister website, so to speak, of the website for my book, The Stay-at-Home Survival Guide.

As some of my readers know, I returned to the "traditional" workforce last year. By "traditional" I mean a job for which I dress, leave the house, work a typical 9 to whenever day and, unlike during my eight years as a stay-at-home mom and freelance writer/editor, receive a regular paycheck. (Knock on wood.)

My transition from home back into the workforce has been possible because my children are now school age and I was incredibly lucky to not only have landed a job, but landed a job that allows me to work from home when necessary, such as when a child is sick or school is closed.

I'm amazed to have experienced life as an employed mom turned stay-at-home mom turned work-from-home mom turned employed mom again. Between us, the work I do now for pay outside of the home is so much easier than the work I did as a 24/7 stay-at-home mom.

So far, my new juggling act is working. However, between working, commuting, and caring for kids and home, I don't have much time to feed this website. So, as you can see from the scarcity of recent posts, I'm not feeding this website.

That said, the site is still here, and it still has lots of "real life support for moms." So go ahead and poke around. Please post comments if you're inclined. I can still be reached through the site if you want to get in touch. From time to time, when I'm inspired and have the time, I'll add new pearls of wisdom. Just know that if you pop by again, you might be welcomed by this same exact message.

Thank you again for visiting. All best, Melissa

P.S. Yes, that's me, "visiting" with a wax George Clooney. Why? No reason other than me wanting to include a fun picture with this post, we look so good together (kidding!), and if this is going to be the semi-permanent opening message on this website, why not add some star power to it!

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